Thursday, March 6, 2014

A weekend getaway!!

So we decided to get away and make sure we did the San Diego zoo before we left this part of the country, especially with an animal lover like Dalin in the family!! The picture with the boys faced up next to a monkey was super funny because he would hit the glass every time they'd come close...though I definitely believe in a loving Heavenly Father that created us all, this monkey was very close to human characteristics!! Then we are at a super yummy hamburger place recommended by our good friends' the Kelly's' named Hodads. It didn't disappoint!! :)

Catch up number 2!!

So much unlisted I'll do it in multiple posts!! Beautiful reminder of the world we live in, cute clean babies,playgroup with wonderful friends, Blue and gold banquets hosted by Chris (the cub master) and decorations/name tags made by me, and a yummy restaurant for a birthday dinner!! :)

Let's catch up!!

Wow it's already March and I haven't posted anything this year even or maybe I have but certainly not enough!! Some random posts of January through AWESOME cloth diaper redo that I just made a little awesomer!! Rock star baby!! :) Dentist appt. before we leave with clean bill of health!! :) A funny onesie for Logan that Daddy doesn't like because it makes dads out to be dumb, but I think it's fun!! :) Cute Logan in the same place Dalin had his picture taken 10 years ago in Monterey, and good friends on Kyles basketball team!! :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 in review

Let's try this post again.....for posterity's sake a review of this eventful year in picture form...look forward to 2014 and the adventures it will bring!! :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

First week after birth

So long time no posting but I've posted a few things on Facebook for friends to see, but if I ever make the blog into a book like I want to...I'll want documentation here too!! After a disappointing miscarriage and then three months after getting pregnant again, and the obligatory 9 months to grow a human, this little boy has long been waited for!! My last kiddo and third rambunctious, crazy, sensitive, artistic, athletic boy Logan Chandler Strommer.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Proud Momma and Papa!!

So Dalin and Kyle just finished their soccer seasons a week ago and both truly excelled and makes Mommy SO proud because I LOVE to cheer for them. If I didn't have kiddos that liked sports (not to mention when they're good) I think I would be a sad shell of a mom!! :) So each coach did a mini award ceremony after their last game and what makes me say "proud" momma and papa in the title was because Dalins award was "MVP forward" and especially proud moment for Kyles which was "Outstanding character and Sportsman award."  Kyles coaches would tell me quite often how much of a coaches' dream he was because he would take the advice and then come home and practice in his off time.

We're Trying!!

We try to be as good of an LDS family as we can, but even though it's never a good idea to compare yourself to other people, it is extremely hard to do when the people are your friends and spiritually exceed you in every way (it seems) but regardless a family we have become friends with here has inspired us to try as make it to the temple more often. This past weekend was Destinee's first temple trip and so that she would have a better chance of being "fit in" Chris went in with her to see if he could help being an extra priesthood holder, but little did he know how much help he was going to be asked to be. Three hours and some 200 baptisms later, he and Destinee finally emerged to a very happy Mommy and boys!! (Destinee only did about 10, and so ALL the rest of those were some other youth group that Chris was asked to help with!!)